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Mayfield Powerplate Studio

Janette Reading Dip COT MBAOT

  • Improves bone mineral density to help fight bone loss and osteoporosis

  • Reduces pain to enhance quality of life and overall body function

  • Improves proprioception and balance to prevent falls and improve reaction time

  • Increases circulation to enhance cardiovascular health

  • Encourages hormone release, particularly Human Growth Hormone (HGH), to promote quicker recovery

  • Improves core strength and stability to prevent injury and restore function

  • Aids stretch capabilities and relaxation by loosening tight muscles through improved blood circulation

Pelvic Floor

I am on a one woman crusade to stop the trend of 50% of women in nursing homes being incontinent and 12% of women who enter nursing homes being there only because they are incontinent! Young women beware but be brave. Poor pelvic muscles and a weak core is reversible! I can help you reverse the condition and monitor your progress, in a remarkably short time. Young mums note that this is more successful than just Kegel exercises alone.

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